About Us

Shanghai Minhang marketing material company is a strictly formal registration material recycling companies, green in order to win-win cooperation, environmental protection and recycling, benefits. There are many successful recovery cases since the opening of the company, but also by individuals, households, businesses and many other institutions alike, Shanghai Minhang marketing material limited company put the credit in the first place, the spirit of "honesty" principle, in accordance with the "service public" attitude, conscientious management, company services, prices higher than the market price.

term to all enterprises, institutions, hotels, shopping malls and high recovery of various waste materials, second-hand equipment and inventory supplies; and undertake a variety of hotel interior demolition, removal, removing and dismantling the factory project.

1. recycling second-hand air conditioner, used boiler, used the elevator, used transformers

2. recycle metals: copper, brass, aluminum, aluminum, lead, zinc, Tin, stainless steel and other metals.

3. recycling industry equipment: used refrigeration equipment, cables, batteries, electric motors, machine tools, elevators, transformers, boiler and all warehouse backlog of material.

4. recycling equipment: stove, bar tables and chairs, carpets, Xi Mengsi beds, air conditioning in all hotel supplies.

5. recycling of refrigeration equipment: refrigerator, central air conditioning, Cabinet, wall, window.

6. recycling of construction waste: demolition, construction of waste scrap, scraps, finished steel, semi-finished steel products, steel scrap and so on.

7. recycling office supplies: Office chairs, conference tables, furniture, screens, desks, writing desks, file cabinets, computers and fax machines.

8. recycle raw materials: high pressure polyethylene, polystyrene, ABS, CD, PPS, polycarbonate, hospital x-rays, CT and all plastic.

9. recycled decorative materials: doors, Windows, cabinets, floors, wood, chandeliers.