Recovery of common sense
Believe that most people refer to prices, it will complain, complain about how wages are not rising, but prices have been rising. Recently, however, the price of a commodity is welcomed by the public, this is Hangzhou, scrap prices.
It is reported that villages and towns after extensive investigations, visited the salvage station, found an old plastic, aluminum cans and other waste products worth generally bullish, scrap metal recycling prices from last year's 1700 Yuan per ton, up to 2300 Yuan per ton. Recycling waste materials is of the utmost importance, the boss said, now are in short supply, recycling old parts are often not enough demand to business needs. Daily basic needs of business waste recycling, be swept away. At present, the daily turnover of up to 2000 Yuan in waste recycling, surnamed Guo came to sell waste, she told reporters, in her mind, to sell such a "high price" for a long time is not wasted. Prices have gone up, the last thing in the future to be able to throw it in a recent price change, and why recycling is so much
According to officials of the financial crisis began to pick up, processing and manufacturing, iron and steel, plastic raw materials, such as the environment as a whole experienced a sharp growth in demand, but some manufacturers of raw materials and did not resume production, created in short supply in the market, but also indirectly, drawing high prices for scrap recycling. In addition, the first half of this year, domestic steel prices rebound, important producer of iron and steel scrap and other scrap metal raw materials, prices will rise.