Recovery of common sense
[1], a Grammy (002340):
A Grammy is a leading enterprise source recycling reproduction, based on a multi-level waste recycling system in Hangzhou, production of ultrafine cobalt nickel powder, nickel alloy and wood profiles of high-tech enterprise, its scale of the world's leading technology, the nation's largest. In the field of cobalt, nickel, metal recycling, there is no competition, the company of high value-added products, more than 1500 tons of annual production, accounted for more than 15% of the Chinese market, China's core supplier of ultrafine co-NI powder.
[2], China Baoan (000009):
This group shares the Wuhan Yunfeng, lead business, extracting lead from car scrap batteries. Wuhan Wan continues to lead the company waste management operations at the same time, actively develop other franchise business.  In March this year, the company dispose of 10000 tons of waste mineral oil item approved by the Hubei provincial environmental protection Department official, and trial production and acceptance check of environmental protection work was completed in early June, are expected to benefit in the second half.
[3], the Jiangxi copper industry (600362):
Company has a holding subsidiary of Jiangxi copper group of 100% (Togo) scrap metal co., Ltd.
[4], Tongling nonferrous metals (000630):
Company has a holding subsidiary of Tongling Nonferrous 100% Jin Xiang materials limited liability company, mainly engaged in waste recycling, scrap metal processing, common parts manufacture, sales, and so on.
[5], yuguang gold-lead (600531):
Company has subsidiaries in jiyuan city, Henan 100% holding gold scrap non-ferrous metal recycling co., Ltd.
[6], the zinc industry shares (000751):
Companies in the gold and silver production well at the same time, the recoverable value of selenium, Platinum, palladium and tellurium, bismuth and other five kinds of metals for recycling. On conclusion of refined selenium tests on the basis of a new annual production capacity of 6 tons of refined selenium production line, this project was one focus of the development of circular economy as companies.
[7], Ningxia hengli (600165):
Company is the largest steel wires, wire ropes, steel wire manufacturing company, wire rope production the first listed company in China. In addition, the holding company of China Ningxia Hui activated carbon activated carbon production company is the largest enterprise, has very good prospects. Company has holdings subsidiary of shizuishan 100% metal material recycling co., Ltd.