Recovery of common sense
Popular recycling symbol in the world, also known as Hangzhou recycling logo goods and printed on the packaging of the goods. The meaning is: first, to remind people to use this logo on the packaging of goods or printed, send it to recycling; second, marking the goods or packaging is made of recycled materials, and help the environment. Recently, a number of cities and towns in the category tag on the many colorful trash, tell people how to do classification. However, open the trash, often mixed, it is still garbage, and food, plastic bags, paper, glass, paper and other "precious" is gone.
These are not worthless rubbish to do with it, what kind of garbage classification model for us? Residents are to separate home waste, but not for can recycling throws, but sold acquisition station June 17 noon near community do clean work Hong Miao Cao main pedal with 300 years children came to flat Bay recycling bin, in Beijing, Chaoyang District,, car full with two big bags, woven bags, pad in following of open flat of carton, car and two a big plastic barrels and some scattered of things---this is he this two days pick out saved Xia of social garbage. In the collection of the waste plastic, glass booth, Cao teacher asks people to help lift off the solution, open the bag, a bag of glass bottles, plastic bottles, and cans down the floor. Inventory of the stall and the sort of skilled workers, and the number: 90, 212 plastic bottles, pop-top cans 160, there was a small pile of waste plastic articles of daily use. Tiantongyuan cleaning company, a trip, Cao teacher income of 100 Yuan. Pick the time, Cao teacher says: "! This is garbage "baiziwan Recycle Bin covers 20 acres, piled up mountains of waste near communities, waste collection, cleaning, or do the people in here. Tai closed cleaning station, said Zhao, resident sold he threw the trash---sell at home. So people do not have a categories drop litter.
An aunt said that garbage sold separately the value of things is good. In this way, thrown into the garbage and kitchen waste, mainly scattered debris. Recovery will undoubtedly play in important role of resource recycling, but refuse, and waste treatment industries, also need to address the relationship between coordination of treatment and recycling of waste. Two years ago, a waste management company in Beijing like the European model of separation and recycling of waste plastics, as raw material processing and sales of recycled materials, but they found a plastic garbage can, pick a limited number, can not meet the normal operation of the device, they have money to buy waste plastics. After one and a half years to stop production of the efforts of the more than 4 million Yuan worth of equipment.