Recovery of common sense
Although China has become the world's largest market for plastics, plastic recycling is still in its infancy stage. Industry, the need to break the policy, management and technology participants.
Technical clearance. Internationally, the plastics recycling methods of physical regeneration, energy recovery, chemical reduction and used as a solid fuel, and so on. Currently waste recycling is mainly dominated by physical regeneration. Ma Zhanfeng, China plastics processing industry Association Secretary-General pointed out that only a small number of medium and large enterprises to pay attention to long-term growth, continue to strengthen technical upgrading and environmental protection facilities, according to the Environmental Protection Department and production, meet the national environmental regulations. Most small businesses don't have enough technical inputs and to meet environmental protection requirements, treatment of waste plastics technology is still dominated by artificial, labour input is not enough.
Management level. It is understood that currently waste plastics industry by the Environmental Protection Department, national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce, General Administration of customs and State administration of quality supervision management. Because the industry focal point is not clear, resulting in lack of industry guidance, technical specifications. Should be established as soon as possible the Department, solid waste separation and recovery work closely with it, so as to establish a recycling system of the whole society.
Policy level. Recycling of waste plastics can effectively reduce energy consumption and environmental pollution, but at the macro level in China has not been on the development of waste plastics recycling industry of integrated planning, lack of specific policy support, lack of waste classification specification, lack of procurement the use of waste plastics and meet the product safety requirements of the recognized and encouraged. Some government departments and the general public will be recycled plastic products as inferior products, to a large extent restricted the development of waste plastics recycling industry.
This domestic waste plastics industry development in recent years, to a large extent, scale of development, because the policy is not clear, some lack of confidence, not further investments, just the linear increase of personnel, plant, equipment, and technology development effort is unlikely.