Recovery of common sense
Waste batteries used batteries from the students ' hand (pictured) using the battery to recycling bins "involved in environmental protection activities is indeed a good opportunity, because I know, these batteries are no longer homeless friends, to treasure," Xiaoyuan campus senior students excitedly told reporters.
In yesterday's Earth Day in this special day, hosted in Guangzhou and other environmental education center "battery recycling of Hangzhou". Was officially launched, according to reports in the battery with movements of the past recovery is the biggest difference between the sanitation Department will no longer be landfill, recycling of used batteries, but sent to the Panyu district, crushing, classification and into useful metals recycling, disposal of waste recycling company.
This marks the recycling of used batteries in Guangzhou, from "damage" and "resource" action to recycle waste batteries "" the main changes. This will be the first in the city's schools, the pilot selection in the haizhu district 100 schools, and then spread to the community, and gradually expand within the city. Recycling companies responsible for recycling waste batteries, Panyu district, abandoned waste disposal, specifically in the area of waste battery recycling box set long-term fixed and sent dozens of cycle of waste battery recycling discarded people.
Recycling companies, Panyu district, according to team Guoan, Chief Engineer to the retail price of $ 4 battery, for example, recovery of metal values from practicality, 3.2 trillion yuan, equivalent to 80% of the cost of the battery. It was reported that the consumption of batteries in Guangzhou every year about 5 million Yuan, equivalent to 2500 tons and 80% disposal after use.