Recovery of common sense
In recent years, the company has focused on corporate social responsibility strategy in high-tech companies, particularly green, and the dynamic of e-waste. Trying to understand the Green recycling technology for high-tech companies, which also has a green label factory, workshop, also spoke with people dedicated to high-end green, toured different types and his personal experience, green environmental protection activities to the overall feel of a number of foreign high-tech companies.
A business trip to the United States, in the first half of this year to help a friend, closing with the Hangzhou scrap Taiwan iPad2, and found that prices are nominal price a few bucks, closer look, turned the legend "cost recovery" (recover). United States electronics recycling taxes had heard, only the first time I see some rare, even more surprising, despite the absence of such a tax, but similar proposals have also been mentioned, environmental taxes.
About whether an environmental tax, we do not discuss here, talking about the domestic situation, China is now a popular approach is to pay China Mobile has been a "green box" program set up in the operating room, a small recycling bins recycle abandoned mobile phones and mobile phone batteries and other electronic waste. HP, Dell, Lenovo, also established a long-term waste electronic product recycling services.
Now, almost everyone has a computer, so we have to deal with electronic waste. Especially the battery, if we do not do proper recycling, pollution of the environment will be a great. I remember reading the data: a button battery, 600 tons of water is enough pollution, equivalent to a lifetime of drinking water, whether establishing a recovery tax, I do not make comments. At present, the company became a model, laudable, each of us, every enterprise must establish a recycling awareness and not easily discarded electronic products sold to the recycling of waste, garbage and not easy to contribute to these remote mountain areas, this approach seems to have environmental pollution is actually a.