Recovery of common sense
Plastics recycling industry is a new industry, it is a promising and lucrative industry. Recycling of waste plastics, and fundamentally solve the pollution to the environment.
Waste has been solved, but also create wealth for the country. In this situation Xia, waste plastic Hangzhou waste recycling, can effective solution pollution of waste plastic recycling made grain, no too more of expertise and culture of requirements, not need plant facilities of specification, but according to himself of local conditions, existing of conditions Xia, its investment size ranging, equipment debugging and installation of 3-5 days, one months, one months, effective of production, production cycle is a typical "short" "flat" "fast" rich hot project site conditions: small sets line equipment, Host more than 30 square meters of floor space required; Large area of more than 50 square meters with a total length of more than 6 metres of rain hosts can be ventilated.
The rest of the waste dumping sites, open space, you can make manual: small 1-2 person minimum equipment, large equipment, 3 to 6, not even such production. Liquidity: as the size of the liquidity facility 2000 demand for water space through water, electricity, wind and rain on the line, except for small devices available 220V power supply, you need to have the appropriate capacity and medium power other devices.