Recovery of common sense
Recycled wood flooring brand reprocessing areas of participation, there is no doubt that this will become the new hot market floors, even floor to new profit growth point. Because this does not effectively reduce the cost of production, but also alleviate the tension of forestry resources, reducing carbon dioxide emissions, not only improve the recycling profit of Hangzhou, but also to raise public awareness of environmentally friendly flooring products, a new, truly a win-win situation.
Many recycling old flooring flooring companies in the industry will be in a "new-for-old" sales model is to sell products to consumers. TM on the floor from the consumer feedback is heavily involved in, we know that, in fact, a lot of people from the floor of his home, in the place of the old local and threw another unfortunate dilemma. Floor waste recycling industry is entering a new profit growth pointWith this kind of conscious consumers more receptive to trading floors, floor trade, flooring production enterprises can take advantage of reuse of old floor, consumers can choose desirable floor and, more importantly, it is an environmentally friendly business, can reduce carbon dioxide emissions, is the right choice.
Now, this mode of production and marketing of flooring has become a new trend, a very respected and well received by consumers of all ages. Taking into account the more than 10 times, saving trees, reducing carbon emissions and increase the emission of oxygen, reduce environmental astonishing. In this kind of floor trading, not only so that consumers have a good old home floor "ownership" of the lowest price you can buy a new, this model will be recognized by consumers, there is no doubt.