Recovery of common sense
Yesterday, a reporter on the Internet a bit, but very few specialized cell phone recycling business. Journalists also made a number of electronic waste recycling in Hangzhou, Hangzhou, but they said, not accepted personal cell phone recycling business. Some companies will only accept phone or cell phone battery housing recovery, while other parts are not recycling.
Some large-scale professional electronics recycling company, yesterday afternoon, a reporter contacted the company's marketing department. One staff member said, although the company is involved in various types of electronic products recycling, but the company's market share is very small, may be less than 5%. Enterprises in the e-waste recycling, he found that some of the larger suppliers, uniform suppliers from using e-waste collection, then the company would send a car to pull for each vendor. Although a great handset market share of electronic waste recycling, the company will focus on the harmonization of classification, and then delivered to processing factories, plastics, metals and other raw materials, and then re-enter the final production of the market. Waste, but mostly concentrated in the hands of individual mobile phone, is very fragmented, Fortune group, mobile phone vendors will not be able to fully recover, so individuals in order to recycle old cell phones, you must put in a lot of human and financial resources.
  "The market is very large, but we do not know how to start." The staff said that if the Government can act as intermediaries, non-government forces, the introduction of a unified collection of used cell phones, and they qualified recycling companies to deal with, the effect will be even better.