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Scrap copper recycling

Scrap copper recycling

Copper is copper, also known as copper, has good electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, excellent plastic, easy to hot press and cold press, extensively used to manufacture wires, cables, brush electrical erosion, EDM-specific requirements good conductivity such as copper products.
The copper. By sulfides or oxides from smelting of copper ores of copper, can be used to mint coins and making utensils. Ming of Song Yingxing Heavenly Creations • copper: "copper, mountain and baked, red copper. Calamine, or Japanese lead and, turning brass; arsenic drug manufacturing of Cupronickel; alum, saltpetre and other drug manufacturing of the bronze; Kwong Tin and copper Japanese surveyed Epsom live lead and write for the bronze. First quality copper. "Guo Moruo Chinese history II of chapter III of title I of section:" they smelt the copper component very pure, in addition to natural trace (0.1-0.2%) impurities, but no manual adding Tin or lead alloy. Hardness of copper is poor, but directly after a beat can be made into a variety of tools and accessories. "
Features: high purity organizations detailed, extremely low oxygen content. No pores, trachoma, lax, excellent electrical conductivity, high precision etching stencil surface, heat treatment process, electrode omnidirectional, suitable for fine, thin, with good heat road, processing, ductility, corrosion resistance and weatherability.
Uses: can be used in appliances, distilled in construction and the chemical industry, in particular printed electric Board terminals, wire and covered with copper strip, air, and bus terminals. Solenoid switch, pen, housing Board.

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