What are materials?

Material used originally known as scrap, and used materials industries. Old cloth, paper, envelope sacks, plastic bottles, old metal, waste fuels, such as natural. 21 (1932), the old cloth in this Wan hang du Gu Wantai 60th posterior opening. To the beginning of 38, there were used materials in 37 stores, flea market 1.
After liberation, the materials industry has developed rapidly, and in 1952, has 174 stores, and many streets and fixed operating charge garage stall. In 1956, stores 210, 495 employees. After the socialist transformation, in 1958, to participate in public-private partnership, 22, 160 employees, participation in cooperative stores with 155, employing 285 people. The streets have established private recycling station 24. In July 1963, the waste was set up, under the Enterprise 8, 389 employees. In August 1965, changed its name to waste us. In 1971, the waste materials from a management-oriented economic entity to us administration we, under the 11 enterprises, 690 employees.
In 1982, the waste materials recycling, we renamed the district to use us. On September 12, 1992, the district materiel recycling, native us, Cheng Qiao we supply and marketing cooperative, beixinjing business head office to form a marketing cooperative. End of 1992, the material used in the district 47 enterprises, 1370 employees.
Second, the business
Before liberation, take the acquisition of domestic waste industry in the territory by the shoulders rags, waste paper, scrap metal, old cotton, the progressive development of the Sentinel set up stalls and shop management.
The beginning of liberation, used materials purchasing, set up stalls and the coexistence of a buyout. Larger opening, changes in the business, are in a State of neglect. In 1956, the professional management of waste materials acquired in the region into orbit. In 1958, in favour of pumping out steel, waste industries recycling scrap steel 4678 tons in the two months, non-ferrous metals 184 tons, annual turnover of 7.4679 million Yuan, profit 1.1498 million Yuan.
Early 60 's, slow development, scrap, 1965, a turnover of 9.2513 million Yuan, profit 2.0832 million Yuan. In 1978, the waste we make supplies large trade fairs, the number of visitors reached more than 8,000 passengers. Recycling amount 17.7186 million Yuan, up 34.83% over the previous year, turnover at the end of 24.0507 million Yuan. 1974-1980, has more than 70 has organized a large number of old mechanical and electrical equipment and supplies, supporting rural and suburb areas such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang, selling all kinds of goods nearly thousand tons, turnover of 1.1 million Yuan.
After the 80 's, waste industry adhere to the "treasure" purposes, organizing large numbers of people went to the country purchasing waste materials, in 1985, has organized various materials 35828 tons.
In 1981, the "collection of old recycling" on the basis of the means of production management, material recycling using waste iron and steel plant, Baoshan Iron and steel complex set up scrap SWOP and processed steel business, profits of about 1.5 million or more a year. Organization professionals from the used electrical materials to extract gold, silver and other precious and rare, selected from scrap steel used mechanical and electronic equipment, spare parts, waste steel into flange, gaskets and window hooks and other hardware products. 23 scrap recycling in the region, from purchase to make their own decisions. In 1986, the industry amounted to 3.3957 million yuan in fixed assets, an annual turnover of 41.3652 million Yuan, profit 5.401 million Yuan.
In 1987, the iron and steel scrap acquisitions from mandatory to those covered. Waste recycling competition, prices fluctuate. Supplies us with its professional advantage, developing export-oriented business, chemical products and non-ferrous metals on the international market, in 1992, total exports 200 tons. In late 1992, industry-wide turnover of more than 75.7019 million Yuan, profit to 1.4454 million Yuan.

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