How to make full use of renewable resources

I was commissioned by the China national resources recycling Association, China national resources recycling industry, to make a report. Our waste recycling work, we usually speak of renewable resources, this work has a history of more than 50 years. On April 28, 1954, approved by Comrade DENG Xiaoping, the Central People's Government, the Administration Council, Finance Committee set up the recycling Council, from waste and formally announced the birth of the industry in China. Our enterprise engaged in recycling of renewable resources, we count about 80,000 or so. Recycling processing plant has more than 6,000 companies. Recovery of approximately 200,000 outlets. In China reached millions of people. Most of which are engaged in individual and private recycling, take 80% of the whole market of renewable resources recovery. First of all, I have a short introduction overview of the industry as a whole.
25 major recycling waste materials amounted to 400 million tons. Average recovery rate of 80 million tons. Average annual growth rate of more than 12%. Main recycling more than 650 billion, an average annual growth rate of more than 20%. In this one, scrap iron and steel non-ferrous metals scrap a larger volume of imports. Above about 130 million tons of waste, average annual import volume 24.5 million tons. Average annual growth of over 20%. Imports of scrap iron and steel of which 45.3 million tons, expected to rise by more than 5%, more than three years after 15%. Fat average annual growth rates of nonferrous metals 18%, waste plastics has annual growth rates of more than 20%. Growing fast, especially among 25. Especially from 2003 to 2005, especially this year after growing very fast.
Second is the recovery and utilization of domestic situation. Recovery, China's domestic recycling system appears to be a vertical management of multiple departments. 80 before the middle of the last century, when State-run material system and two systems of business purchase system of collective ownership. Also spontaneously organized a collection yourself in some of the industrial enterprises of the auxiliary units. But not dominant. Can say recycling network across the country. When the recycling industry as special industry management. Requires a special license, you need to have certain qualification requirements. The late 80 's, the original recovery system, due to the conversion based on the functions of supervisor, part of the recycling business structure step by step. Coupled with the opening up of markets and the influx of a large number of private enterprises, operating costs of erectile dysfunction, lower, efficiency is higher, these companies began to appear. Sector of the vertical management system is a product of the planned economy. To extensively carry out waste recycling system, conserving resources and protecting the environment, pollution prevention plays an active and promoting role. However, the use of recycled materials, as a system, industry, sector stands independently, unable to form the overall scale, also can't form the efficient use of resources and comprehensive protection. This is one of the characteristics under the old system.
Features of II is City area of recycling work by involved of municipal, and environmental, and health, and Chengguan, many administrative units of directly or indirect of management, including approval, and supervision, and check and the recycling full process or segment type of management, has many administrative units established has centralized management we, as sanitation of units, municipal of Chengguan units, are in their division of jurisdiction in the carried out recycling material of recycling, for recycling material of business. Above this there is a management function * and wrangling, is not conducive to recycling, saving potential of effective operation.
There is also a mode is a multi-level waste management. Approval and scrapping of machinery and equipment, which are treated as three. Is handled by the national, provincial and municipal security, fixed-point units, classification and recycling. Second by its own independent outlets for recycling, recycling industry enterprises for the period between related companies. Multi-level marketing in the form of contract, including the collective, individual, private, joint venture business, due to the waste materials market is very weak, related regulations and standards to develop backward, the emergence of trade management, low quality of personnel, issues related to pollution. 25 countries proposed to improve the efficiency of resource use, and establish a conservation-minded society, community friendly society, Act all across the country, recycling saves resources and ease emerging industries, has established a number of regenerated resources recycling demonstration zone, plays a leading role. Current recovery of the relevant ministries of the State had undertaken to establish a scientific system to work. Behind in the original after market abuses, will usher in the scientific utilization of recycling resources.