Do you know why separate collection

The world's recycling logo, also referred to as recovery signs are printed on the product and packaging. The meaning is: first, reminding people to use goods or packaging printed with the sign, you want to take it to the recycling and second, marking the product or product packaging is made of recycled materials, is good for environmental protection. More recently, some towns added a lot of color classification of garbage cans, labels on the barrels to tell people how to categorize garbage put. Open the trash, often find garbage still mixed together, and many were leftovers and plastic bags, paper, glass bottles, newspapers and other "cheap" and not much. How do these worthless junk, what kind of garbage classification model for us? Residents home has put garbage classification has, but on can recycling real not threw, but sold to acquisition station June 17 noon, in Beijing, Chaoyang District, Hong miao near community do cleaning work of Cao master pedal with three flatbed came to hundred child Bay recycling station, car Shang Pack with two big woven bags, woven bags following pad with apart pressure flat of hard carton, car Shang also has two a big plastic barrels and some scattered of things---this are is he this two days from community garbage in pick out saved Xia of. In a collection of waste plastic, waste glass booth, Cao teacher asked people to help carry the bag get off to unlock, bag of glass bottles, plastic bottles, tin cans down the floor. The owner and workers skilled in sorting inventory soon out: 90 212, plastic bottles, glass bottle cans 160, there is a small pile of waste plastic articles of daily use. This time around, Cao teacher earning more than 100 million. When picked, Cao teacher said, "this is garbage! "
Baiziwan Recycle Bin covers more than 20 acres, all kinds of junk piled inside, are near the community recyclers or do cleaning sold here. Tai closed cleaning station Zhao master said, residents at home sell---sell garbage, throw cannot sell. Classification classification of garbage cans residents are not thrown. An aunt says, can fortunately tell a good waste valuable things to sell. So, throw it into the trash can in the main be leftovers and bits of debris. Recycling recycling no doubt plays an important role, but the promotion, waste sorting and waste treatment industrialization, harmonisation of the garbage processing and recycling into the relationship between the need to solve the problem. Two years ago, a Beijing enterprises to operate waste disposal in Europe, want to waste separation and recovery of waste recycled plastic raw materials sales, but they found that the limited number of plastic litter pick, can not meet the normal operation of equipment, they have to pay to buy scrap plastic. After struggling on for 1.5 years to stop production, and more than 4 million Yuan worth of equipment.
Property we dianqian, the market is not operating businesses make money, waste treatment industrialization required policy say Beijing's garbage we have to say that more communities in the South of the square Street, Xuanwu District. This community began in April 1999 the implementation of waste separation, won more than 20 over the years a number of honorary titles, and also by international quality standard certification and international environmental certification. Community neighborhood Committee and in charge of the property we say, waste determined to implement, because he was the municipal, district, sub-district leadership's attention. Many leaders have been here, foreign guests to visit, who have received the honor can't slack off. Residential property management Director Qi Yunlong introduces community of 700 residents per household per month 3 refuse handling charges, pay 4 cleaning staff salaries are not enough. Cleaner-no good garbage pickup again, well up to the sanitation Department cleaned up the garbage away. Two residents in a community recycling, residents save the bottles, waste paper to sell them. It can be said that properties we operate at a loss. Not most communities will get the attention of Governments, businesses and investment. For a long time, urban solid waste treatment in China has been as public welfare by the Government sweep. Now the garbage disposal in Beijing by the sanitation service centers and 4 environmental sanitation engineering group operation these units funded by the full. Many in the industry believe that waste treatment industrialization is the world trend and conducive to the development of competition in the industry, but there are many constraints, such as waste separation and no legal norms constraints, refuse disposal system must continue to reform, waste treatment industrialization policy have not been announced, and so on.