How to deal with abandoned cars?

As we all know, has been scrapped car recovery is absolutely not allowed and then assembled. State Council also signed back in 2001, the scrap auto recycling management measures in the clear, prohibits the use of scrap automobile "great Assembly" and other spare parts for assembling cars. But according to the Office of the national leading group for rectifying and standardizing market economic order preliminary investigations into the country's 24 provinces found that scrap auto recycling dismantling and lorry markets. These illegal lorry market and the main reason is that some local leaders of countries on the management of scrap auto recycling policies lack a correct understanding, and assembling cars for illegal business activities and social dangers of lack of knowledge, profit-driven, local protection on the illicit market, and illegally assembled cars illegal growing. Most of the illegal lorry "black" have been removed, the original undertakings where arable land has been, but there are still a few areas has not yet attracted enough attention.
Scrapping cars: where to go? The ways in which the recycling of recycling economy on track?

Everything was life and death. Since car production with an annual output of more than millions of speed, using life cycle, it must be in the same or slightly lower speeds, which disposed of the regeneration makes it reborn ┄
Scrap auto recycling is an important renewable resource, as well as a sunrise industry. It is understood that a car on the iron and steel, nonferrous metal materials more than 90% parts can be recycled, used glass and plastics recycling can also be up to 50%, and the construction of "economical society" are closely related, industry is very gratifying.
I happen to have at hand a copy of the old material, recorded a set of data-updating car 251 from 1982 to 1997. 20,000 vehicles. It is estimated that each retire a car saves 1 ton of fuel, and 2. 4 tons of scrap iron and steel and 45 kg of non-ferrous metals. According to this calculation, since 1982, a total savings of 2.73 million tons of fuel oil, and 655 12285 kg and tons of scrap iron and steel non-ferrous metals, direct economic benefits are considerable. Calculated according to the update 300,000 vehicles per year, which added about 30 billion yuan in industrial production. To accelerate the automotive industry technical progress, product replacement, promoting the development of automobile industry and transportation, to reduce environmental pollution, save energy, improve overall economic efficiency to play an active role.
Scrap automobile recycling and utilization efficiency in China is great, but still at a relatively low level, compared with foreign countries. Relevant data show that at present, ELV material recovery in developed countries are generally 80%. In the United States, engaged in auto parts recycling has become an annual profit of up to billions of dollars of waste recycling industry. In Germany in late 1995 in Germany built a recycling of automotive business network can be recovered nearly 2.5 million vehicles produced each year. According to industry sources, wearing a we in Germany sales of Mercedes-Benz cars, basically using recyclable parts. In France, some of the cars we scrap Auto Recycling Center is established jointly with the recycling business, now close to 75% parts are used. In contrast, auto recycling is lower, such as Henan province in 2004 a total of 12,235 recycling scrap vehicles, accounting for 24% of the total number of scrapped vehicles only, 76% 's scrap cars in various ways to other channels. It is understood that low scrap auto recycling is already a common phenomenon throughout the country, the current domestic scrap auto recycling rate is only about 40%, more than half of the scrapped vehicles outside the supervision of the Government. So many cars had gone? Through other channels into the recycling chain, still continue to use? How to avoid Government Regulation?