Recycling of waste plastics

Distribution and source of waste plastics
As long as people place, there will be plastic waste. Various plastic packaging real, and shopping bags, and film, and woven bags, and beverage bottle, and plastic basin, and plastic pot, and plastic barrels, and toy, and stationery, and plastic shoes, and vehicles insurance bar, and household appliances shell, and computer shell, and waste poly chlorine tube, and industrial waste plastic products, and plastic doors and Windows, and poly fat products (Poly fat film, and mineral water bottle, and Coke bottle,) and plastic forming processing process in the of waste and so on, everywhere, endless, never depletion!
50, China began to establish a unique recycling system. At present, the country has all kinds of recycling more than 5,000 enterprises, recovery NET 160,000, almost every village, town, and large, medium and small cities, where there are large amounts of a wide range of all kinds of waste plastic, suitable for bulk purchases. Corresponding to this is that active all over the country with an army of a very spectacular acquisition of used materials, targeted acquisition of waste plastics in their hands, can reduce the cost of procurement of raw materials. According to reports, 1.32 million tons of waste generated each year in Changchun, about 9% for waste plastics. Only this one, Changchun buried wealth valued at more than 10 million yuan each year.
Plastic products factory produced during the production and processing of waste without sorting and cleaning, is the processing of regenerated particle good raw material. Establish business contacts with plastic plants, will acquire the waste is processed into particles back to the plastic factory, or charge a processing fee. In this way, for plastic factory solve recycling problem is our effective income-generating ways is a win-win solution.
China's heavy use in rural areas in Northeast, Northwest and North China film, is a one-time use of agricultural materials, large quantities and low prices. Rural well staffed, personnel in the local collection or acquisition, can be resolved in a timely manner of plastic film on soil pollution problems eliminates the middleman and ensuring sources of raw materials at the same time, significant reduction in the cost of raw materials and increase profits.
To sum up, cheap, ubiquitous availability of waste plastics, creation of waste plastic recycling for our particle factory provides a unique condition. Realization of waste plastics in place of acquisition, processing and marketing, right time, advantage significantly profitable.
Third, the application of recycled plastic granules
Waste plastic processing into particles, still good overall performance to meet film blowing, lampworking, slide, technical requirements such as injection molding, profile extrusion, widely used in the production of plastic products.
Daily life, regenerated granules used in the manufacture of various plastic bags, barrels, tubs, toys, furniture, stationery and other daily appliances and all kinds of plastic products. Clothing industry, used in the manufacture of clothing, ties, buttons, zippers. Materials, used in the manufacture of various building components, construction tools, plastic doors and Windows, clay barrel. Agriculture, can be used to make plastic sheeting, pumping pipes, agricultural machinery, fertilizers, cement bags, bag. Machinery industries, recycling particles with a special formula and can be used for manufacturing of machine parts, all kinds of bearings, gears, cams, different wheels, sealing rings, a variety of blades, a variety of pump impeller. The chemical industry, can be used to make reactor, pipes, vessels, pumps, valves, used in chemical production sites to solve corrosion and abrasion. In addition, the recycled particles used in the electrical industry and the telecommunications industry.